Bye-Bye Sweet Liberty

Readers are advised that the premise of this book is that the average person in the United States does not comprehend what he is witnessing in today's everyday life. The average reader needs to appreciate what is meant by "knowledge" and "understanding." By clicking here, you will get a primer on knowledge and understanding. Then you can jump back here to continue. Once you return, click on "book," at left.

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Bye-Bye Sweet Liberty
(We swallowed lies and lost our most precious inheritance)
(We were gullible)
Few Americans born after October 1975 have experienced Liberty the way it was meant to be, and the way it was prior to November of 1966.
Bye-Bye Sweet Liberty(How Joe and Jo Sixpack were tricked into happily trecking into serfdom. We US citizens lost our freedom in the fall election of 1966, but most of us are blissfully unaware. What happened is presented. How to comprehend and appreciate the 1966 events and current events is presented. Historical events of a similar kind are shown. Plato’s writings, plus others who echoed Plato, are brought forth for examination.  The ideas of Karl R. Popper and Petr Beckmann are used to explain Plato’s  and Aristotle’s faulty logic. Politics and economics are put under a microscope.  The human thought process (epistemology) is examined, relying on simple definitions of truth and knowledge.  Education and sociology are discussed.  The two major collectivist movements of recent history, Nazism and communism, are shown to have the same source: Georges Sorell.  The book is dedicated to the founders and promulgators of the Judeo-Christian traditions.
copyright 2008
ISBN 13 978-0-615-26678-7
ISBN 10 978-0-615-26678-9
       Published by the author:
      John W. Thinkwright
      California, USA

Godess Coatlicue, Mother of Huitzilopotchli
on display at Museo Nacional de Antropologia , Mexico City

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